Goodbye AT&T, Ta Ta iPhone, Hello Nexus 4!

Reminded of a certain phone company...
Reminded of a certain phone company…

One of my greatest annoyances dealing with AT&T has been their wonky web site. Well goodbye to all of that. This last week I’ve been looking for replacement options for my ancient iPhone 3GS. BTW Apple, it was a terrible idea to put iOS 6 on this phone. Because of that, my iPhone has been a slow daily annoyance.

I strongly considered getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 under contract because unlocked it’s just too freakin expensive. But just couldn’t pull the trigger on another 2 years with AT&T without looking at more options, or even waiting for the Galaxy S4 or rumored iPhone 5S/6.

But the sudden availability of the Nexus 4, yes Google is taking orders again, and the last straw with AT&T’s web site, pulled the trigger for me. I’ve placed an order for a 16GB Nexus 4 and plan to go with a T-Mobile prepaid plan. Not only that, I’m taking my wife’s 3GS over to T-Mobile as well. Both of our phones are well out of contract, so goodbye AT&T.


A Tale Of Two Screens: Nexus 4 Over iPhone 5

Like many iPhone users, I waited, and waited for the iPhone 5 to be revealed. Once the veil was lifted, the new iPhone looked to be the successor to my aging 3GS. But that new screen really bugged me. I had been hoping for something like the Samsung Galaxy SIII which has a gorgeous large screen but doesn’t result in a phone that’s too big for my tastes. Sadly, the new iPhone merely made the screen longer. I thought I might be able to stomach that until I went to an Apple store for some hands on time with the iPhone 5. I came away disappointed. This was not the screen I was looking for.

In comes the Google Nexus 4. This is the screen I was looking for and unlocked for less than half the cost of a similar iPhone 5 and less than an unlocked SIII to boot! I had a chance to play with a coworker’s Nexus 4 and it looks and feels pretty good. So I may be moving in that direction in the coming year. It seems silly perhaps to get ticked off by a screen, but I cannot help but wonder if this is another sign that Apple without Jobs is not the same company. Obviously, it cannot be, but would Jobs have approved the iPhone 5 as released? Who knows, but I’d like to think he would have been just as irked by the weird elongated screen as I am.