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Hacked Naruto DVD Left On Shelves?

This is just one data point to be sure, but I noticed today at Coconuts that the Naruto DVDs have already been marked down $5 from the already low $19.95 to $14.95. There were also a good number of copies available. I wonder if maybe the fans of the show were pissed off by the release of only the slightly hacked, dub only version in the U.S.. I know I was! I was looking forward to seeing it uncut in Japanese. The lame ads running on Cartoon Network right now are probably not helping. If it is true that sales have been bad, then perhaps next time the powers that be won’t diss the fans with a lame release. Yeah, I know the uncut version is coming later this year, but still I’m pissed! Yeah, I’m the impatient type…