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Trek 2.0 Back To The Future!

I watched Star Trek last night on G4 in the new Trek 2.0 format and am still trying to recover from the headrush of nostalgia it brought on. Purists may be annoyed to have the show in a box surrounded by panels with various bits of information, but if you’ve been using the web for the last few years, you’re already used to seeing things this way. The style has also been adopted by most news channels as well, so presenting classic Star Trek this way is not such a shock. With trivia scrolling across the top and chat across the bottom, it was almost like watching the show at a Star Trek convention. The left panel featured episode stats such as number of redshirts killed, while the right panel had price quotes for the Spock Market. I didn’t really get the the Spock Market which I tried out at the computer during a commercial break. The market is a share trading game, but I really didn’t quite get the point. I wanted to try chat out too, but it wasn’t working in Firefox at least. I’ll play around with it a little later in IE.

All in all, Trek 2.0 is a curious way to enjoy an old favorite and perhaps a good excuse for using a computer in the living room. I think the logical thing to do is to make further observations before formulating a final analysis.