Being Evil != Being Secure

President Bush admitted today that the U.S. does have secret prisons around the world in which the CIA holds and interrogates suspected terrorists. He said that the interrogation is tough, but humane, safe, and legal. And he said that this must be done for the security of the U.S.. Well I say we’ve become the evil we were fighting against which means we’ve already lost the war on terror and taken our place besides the other great oppressive empires of history. We might as well drop the pretense of being the land of the free and the home of the brave. By surrendering the moral high ground, we’ve lowered ourselves to the level of those who would destroy us. Has Anakin been replaced by Darth? Did I just reference the bad Star Wars trilogy?

The bottom line is that being the good guys means that sometimes we have to suffer defeats and setbacks because it is evil to hold people indefinitely without charge. It is evil to torture people for information, even if you think it will save lives. And it is evil to invade other countries to install the government that you think they should have. All of this evil is not going to make America or the world any safer and so far that seems to be what we are seeing by and large.