Sharing The Womanly Arts

Growing up, I never imagined that someday I’d be teaching my son to sew or my daughter to make a dress. Sharing such traditionally womanly arts is not something that little boys are raised to do here. Nevertheless, I’ve really gotten hooked on sewing so I’m very excited to see the results of my daughter’s efforts. I got into it helping my son make his first Sonic the Hedgehog plushie and later making my first cosplay outfit. My daughter is now working on a long dress similar to the one Robin Senna wears in the anime series Witch Hunter Robin, but with red accents. But she isn’t doing it for cosplay but because she’s into goth, so I fully expect this dress to make an appearance at school in the future.

As my interest in sewing grew, WillowBrow told about A Dress A Day. This is Erin McKean’s cool dress oriented blog which I too am becoming enamored with. I had a chance to meet Erin a while back at a meeting of the Chicago chapter of the American Statistical Society and without gushing too much, she’s the kind of brainy and cute woman that we geeky University of Chicago types have always dreamed of! I’ll never look at the dictionary the same way again! /blush