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My Little Halloween Inuyasha

This has been a day of pretty good news so far. First, my youngest son may be coming home from the hospital in time to trick or treat afterall! Today he seemed very much himself, and the doctors seem to think that he can come home soon. Yaaaaaay! 😀

And some news of lesser magnitude is the completion of the Inuyasha costume for my oldest son in time for Halloween. What he didn’t tell me until last night was that he was hoping to win best costume in the afterschool program he goes to. I certainly wasn’t thinking about any competitions while I was working on it! Anyway, he’s pretty pleased with the results, so I took some pictures this morning to share with my wife and his younger brother and now I’ll share them here as well.

It could still use some tuning up, but so far everyone who’s seen the pictures has had a favorable reaction, including the mostly costumed staff at the children’s hospital who have been fantastic! Oh so much drama over the last few days… Anyway, on to the pictures!

Oh yeah! He made the ears, the Tetsusaiga, and the necklace. This little guy was also the one who was the spiritual spark that ignited my costume making and my own entry into cosplay! I love the way he thinks too. It was his idea to use Inuyasha plushie dolls to solve some of the design problems I ran into making the costume, genius, pure genius!

My Inuyasha

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I got the wig on eBay from a cosplay wig shop in Hong Kong. Just do a search on cosplay wigs and you’ll find a lot of inexpensive options. If you want to spend a bit more and get a higher quality wig, try

Omg that is sooo cute. God I wish I had your skills. tsk tsk, And your son is awsome with that silver blade in his hand, beautiful. Annnnnd he’d be a great model xP

oh wow, nice work blueZhift!!

now that im also here we need naraku,sesshy,’kikiyo'(i hate her im sorry!)
bankostu and his bros, naraku’s creatures(kanna, kagura, the infant, the older infant? ect..)

oh and my beautiful sango im right ‘behind’ you!! *gropes sangos behind!!*
i wish you wouldn’t hurt me sango every time i do that!!

lol, okay im back from lalala land! i love the wig also, and his clothes includin’ his neckless!!

bye to all!!

I loove this! Hes sooo cute 🙂 I would not have the nerve to dress up like kagome! lol. He should be sesshoumaru next year!

Good job ^_^ on the costume if trying to become a Costume Designer ^_^ well thats the best i seen so far ^_^

The play is the thing. Anybody can cosplay whatever character strikes their fancy. Space aliens don’t speak English and probably won’t walk around on two legs, nevertheless, we keep making and enjoying stories featuring such things. People who think one can only cosplay characters one physically resembles, are just cheating themselves of a good time.

To inuyasha rocks,
Guess what? Inuyasha is not white eitheir, Inuyasha is japanese.
Well, don’t that make you feel stupid. Get the facts straight before making yourself look like a jacka$$.

That Costume Rocks! the only thing is that the ears should be on top of the head no afince 🙂 i was Inuyahsa for halloween i didnt use cloth for the costume because my mom didnt want to pay 100 dollers for a costume so i went to JC penny and got a red slick house coat and silk sleep pants and
a white angel wig and bunny ears and folded them down like dog ears on halloween a hudge crowd of teenagers where like its Inuyahsa i was full demon inuyahsa i hade red contents in and purple face paint and i hade a hudge!!!!! tensiga bla i dont know how to spell it srry 🙂
ok bye !!!

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