Show Must Go On

Nothing like a house full of kids for some drama. Yesterday, on the way to a political rally, my youngest son started vomiting in the car. We weren’t sure what the cause was, but we knew that our plans had been scuttled. So we turned around and headed back into the city. A short time later, things got worse and we needed to find a hospital. Fortunately we the nearest one was also a children’s hospital.

My wife has been with our youngest at the hospital for a day now, while I keep things running at home and get the other kids to school and so on. Needless to say, I’m very worried. I’ve prayed alot, and friends have prayed, and our pastors have been helping out too. But I can’t help but feel guilty, not about my son in the hospital, but about how much fun I’m having finishing my oldest son’s Inuyasha costume for Halloween. I promised him that I would help him finish it up in time for Halloween, a promise I’m determined to keep. But with one child in the hospital, the innate pleasure I’m getting from working on the costume seems out of place. I suppose I should just take it as a blessing in a time of trouble. Or maybe it’s a lesson that no matter what else is happening, the show must go on.