Game Development

Microsoft XNA Game Studio Contest Begins

After weeks of checking the original XNA Game Studio Contest web page, I thought it strange that the contest, scheduled to begin in January, had not appeared to have started yet. As it turns out, the contest apparently started at the end of January, but no one has as yet pointed the old page to the contest web site. I stumbled on the new site after a search in the Microsoft XNA forums. Silly me, I should have been paying more attention.

In any case, the contest has started up and I can shift things into high gear now. I’ve been batting around a few ideas and playing with the tutorials. I’ve gotten quite a thrill out of seeing things I’ve written running on my own Xbox 360. The challenge of a contest is my favorite carrot and stick to getting a project completed from start to finish. So, one way or another, I will submit an entry! Hopefully I’ll be able to elicit a a few WTFs and LOLs.

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