Game Development

XNA Game Studio Contest Warm Up Challenge

Things are starting to roll with the announcement of the Microsoft XNA Game Studio Warm Up Challenge! The Warm Up Challenge requires you to build a new game based on the Spacewar sample project included with XNA Game Studio Express. I think this is a clever way to start out because it essentially levels the playing field because you can’t just whip out something you’ve already been working on for months. This, instead, is a sort of Iron Chef of game development, and today’s theme ingredient is Spacewar.

For me, a supplemental ingredient was another $40 Xbox 360 controller. Why? Because Spacewar is a two player game, so I needed another controller to develop and test the new game. It’ll be interesting to see how many entries come in during the Feb 21 – 28 entry period. Of course, the one I’m most interested in is mine! I can’t wait to put my gamer kids to work as beta testers! 8)