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Damn! They Killed Starbuck!

They killed Starbuck! Those bastards! T_T I’m still a little bit in shock because while I’d heard that a major Battlestar Galactica character was going to die this season, I hadn’t expected it to be Starbuck, at least not yet. Normally, I might be a bit pissed at having a favorite character killed, but if I’ve learned anything watching the new Battlestar Galactica, it’s that even dead characters have a way of sticking around. I’m sure we’ll see Starbuck making visits to people’s heads in the future, Caprica (aka Number Six) style. I’m guessing she may be taking up residence in Apollo’s head for a while.

I actually hope I’m wrong about that though, because the whole, people in my head thing, is getting a bit over used. Given all of the hints at a special destiny for Starbuck, I’m hoping we’ll see something more imaginative and perhaps more dramatic, maybe a Cylon aided resurrection or something. However it’s handled, I doubt that we’ve seen the last of Kara Thrace.

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I don’t think she’s dead. I think the conversation (in her head) with the Cylon who held her captive and he spoke of “the other side”, points to a possible black hole. That is kind of what the storm she was flying in looked like too. I think in a couple of more episods we’ll see one where she has crahed on a planet on the route to earth after passing through the storm or “Eye of Jupiter” (black hole) as they called it a couple of episodes ago.

I also think all of the mind games she’s been going through could stop and she’ll be back at the top of her game just as the chase and battles heat up again.

Also, I don’t think Starbuck is a star of the show, I think she is the show. She is the character we all identify with and whose eyes we live the show through. They would be stupid to kill her off. If they do I’ll probably watch a few more episodes but I’ll stop watching eventually.

Does anyone remember when she was held captive by the Cylons, and when released, she noticed an incision in her lower abdomen? Could it be that the Cylons removed an ovary in order to clone her and have her memories downloaded into a new body? Perhaps the Cylon infiltrators started out as Colonial citizens, and were modified by the toasters for their own uses.

I do agree that she is an integral part of the cast. She performs the role of antagonist to offset Apollo’s good boy personality, and brings balance to the series, just as Adama has his Tigh, and Rosalyn has her Sarek.

Ok, I just saw a TV Guide interview with Katy and she reveals that she is a Cylon. Also, in the season finale preview, Adama says something like “We’re all Cylons” and we will all have to see what he meant by that. Perhaps Starbuck comes back?

Heh heh heh! I guess it means there’s a little Cylon in all of us! Or is it the other way around? I suspect it won’t be as simple as that and hopefully everyone won’t end up related to everyone else by the end like *cough* Star Wars *cough*… Starbuck as a Cylon, yes, that’d make for some delicious conflict and heartache. ^_^

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