Naomi Campbell, Maid To Order

Or maybe I should say ordered to maid *sweatdrop* or something like that after she’s been sentenced to mopping floors at New York’s Sanitation Department after being convicted of assaulting her housekeeper with a cell phone. I don’t usually follow this sort of thing, but hey, any excuse for a little eye candy on a cold day! Seriously, I still don’t like it that a. big name celebs usually get off easy for things that sometimes draw serious jail time for us ordinary folk, and b. sentencing people to community service gives community service a bad name. Community service is an honorable thing that all of us should be engaged in anyway. It is not a punishment! I used to mop floors after school in highschool at a nearby Catholic school for girls. The money was good, and the fringe benefits were, ahem, pretty nice. I will always love those short skirts! <3