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Uncharted Space

Since my last post here, I finished Endwalker just before year’s end and am current caught up on Final Fantasy XIV Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) up to patch 6.18! So I find myself in some strange uncharted space on a number of fronts.

Losira is having a great time clubbing with friends and so many in our group have paired up and gotten Eternally Bonded (in game Marriage)! I love the in game wedding ceremonies! So our group is going through some changes. It’s really interesting to see how this all plays out and evolves, but I can’t help but feel maybe just a little bit jealous. That in itself is absolutely fascinating to me.

There are a lot of things to do yet in the game, but the social stuff is really where I spend a lot of time, especially now that Data Center travel is live. So Losira can finally go to the other Data Centers, Aether and Crystal. So far she’s only been to Crystal to visit Teraflare and Pluto’s Kiss, and the infamous Billboard Party on Balmung! I even made a new friend over there talking and dancing for hours!

But closer to home, the doki doki moments just keep on coming. Oh shoot, it’s way too late at night for this!