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Uncharted Space

Since my last post here, I finished Endwalker just before year’s end and am current caught up on Final Fantasy XIV Main Scenario Quest (MSQ) up to patch 6.18! So I find myself in some strange uncharted space on a number of fronts.

Losira is having a great time clubbing with friends and so many in our group have paired up and gotten Eternally Bonded (in game Marriage)! I love the in game wedding ceremonies! So our group is going through some changes. It’s really interesting to see how this all plays out and evolves, but I can’t help but feel maybe just a little bit jealous. That in itself is absolutely fascinating to me.

There are a lot of things to do yet in the game, but the social stuff is really where I spend a lot of time, especially now that Data Center travel is live. So Losira can finally go to the other Data Centers, Aether and Crystal. So far she’s only been to Crystal to visit Teraflare and Pluto’s Kiss, and the infamous Billboard Party on Balmung! I even made a new friend over there talking and dancing for hours!

But closer to home, the doki doki moments just keep on coming. Oh shoot, it’s way too late at night for this!


All About What?

What’s it all about? That question enters my mind regularly as I dance back and forth across the line between reality and the digital spaces I inhabit like online games. But lately I struggle with the disappointment I feel when my so called IRL self doesn’t match up with my game selves. I feel like I’m not living up to people’s expectations, and in some cases, my own.

It’s been over a year since I started playing as Losira in Final Fantasy XIV. I’m still having a great deal of fun and I’m nearing my goal of completing the current game story content ahead of the Endwalker expansion release in November. And the nightclub scene has just exploded across all data centers in the game. You can literally dance all night, every night across the entire game! I really love it!

I’ve met a lot of interesting people out clubbing, and I’m glad we are having fun together. But then I feel disappointed because the physical me does not match up with the in-game me. The real life girl isn’t the in-game girl by many measures and I don’t want to let people down, or break their hearts.


I Need A Hero

I had a lot of fun this past weekend! In game dance parties in Final Fantasy XIV have become a regular thing for me as hundreds of Gigabytes of party videos can attest to! But I’m not here to write about that. This is just a note about a strange dream.

In my dream, I was looking high and low for more information about Paladins. I don’t know why, maybe for a novel I wanted to write? Maybe for my character backstory? I just remember running all over the place looking, only to end up in the library of some unnamed university.

In the library, I encountered what appeared to be a group of guys playing or discussing DnD. I told them what I was looking for and they told me I should learn about Bruce Noble and handed me a thick white reference book. Only after waking up did I realize that Bruce Noble was a pretty silly name and did not refer to any known character. It was just a generic name one might use for any Paladin. LOL

And that’s it. That was my dream. Does it mean anything? I don’t know, but perhaps when I revisit this post in the future, I will have an answer.

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1st Alt Or 2nd Main?

Losira started as my main character in Phantasy Star Online 2, little over a year ago. She was named for Losira, last of the Kalandans from the Star Trek original series episode, That Which Survives. And she was part of a larger project of mine to project more of my own characteristics, race, gender, etc., onto my game avatars. This was something I had avoided in the past so as not to be a target of harassment in the games I played.

From PSO2, Losira was reborn on the Island of Kalanda in Animal Crossing New Horizons and then later catching them all in Temtem. Most recently, Losira has found a home in Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV. It is here in FFXIV that Losira has been having the most fun of late. She came to be here because I wanted to experience the party scene in the Primal data center, but my main character is in Aether. So the only option was to start a new character in Primal and level her enough to attend the parties.

Losira loves to dance!

So am I a party girl yet? Hmm depends on who you ask I guess. My Free Company mates probably think a resounding Yes! Leveling Losira has been so much fun and I’ve learned so much! I feel like there’s a lot of me as I am, and as I would like to be inside of her too. So I guess The Losira Project has been something of a success! I’ve had a lot of fun with the parties and it’s brightened the whole leveling process giving me even more motivation to play the game better and better.

Losira knows how to party!

She’s not just an alt, she’s 2nd Main. Her big sister, Loressa, and I go way back though, all the way to Vanadiel, and will always be 1st Main. But that’s a tale for another time.

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Drive By Fleet/Guild Invites

I never really get the random fleet or guild invites I get in MMOs. I usually ignore those, not really offended, just puzzled why someone would invite a total stranger into their group.

At least in Final Fantasy XIV, if I get a Free Company invite, I can look up some info on the FC before I decide. But Star Trek Online has no apparent function for that, at least that I know of and could easily use. But following me around after I’ve rejected your fleet invite 3 times will definitely not win me over!

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Final Fantasy XIV: SMH SMH…

A week ago I was feeling adventurous and decided to give Final Fantasy XIV a shot. It was only $19.99 and while I had heard that the launch was a total disaster, the game had undergone a lot of changes, fixes, and improvements since that time. I figured that the 30 day free period would be enough time to see if Eorzea was a place I’d be taking up residence.

One week later and I am totally frustrated and disgusted. I can’t even get into the game past the opening tutorial level because it keeps crashing with a Direct X error. I’ve tried running windowed, full screen, and turned off anti-aliasing to no avail. While I suppose there is some solution that might allow me to continue, this is just ridiculous. I can’t believe Square Enix started charging the monthly subscription again for a game this broken.

Regardless of their reasoning with the big 2.0 relaunch coming up, you can just let bugs like this stay in the code and charge money for it. At this point I’ve lost all hope and respect for Square Enix. I won’t likely be returning to this game, and I’ve also canceled my Final Fantasy XI account.

I really wanted to play and love this game, but it won’t even let me get started.

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Siren’s Call: World of Warcraft

I think that I’ve started and quit World of Warcraft (WoW) three times now. But once again, I’m going to give it another shot. I got a one of those return to WoW 7 days for free promos in my email and thought it might be fun to try out the Mac client for a week.

The last time I played WoW, I was still playing Final Fantasy XI. Since that time I’ve quit FFXI and while I’ve been having sporadic bits of fun in Star Trek Online, it’s just not the same feel. I guess I like a little more fantasy in my MMORPGs than SciFi! I’d hoped that Final Fantasy XIV would be coming out for PS3 soon, but after one of the most spectacularly unsuccessful MMORPG launches in history, that has been delayed indefinitely.

So why not take advantage of a little free play to bump around Azeroth a bit?